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Use cases

Transport order recognition

For a freight forwarding company


Validating transport orders and entering them into a Transport Management System is a time-consuming and error-prone process.


Recognise transport orders coming in over email

Parse information from message and attached documents

Validate information and import into Transport Management System

Suggest next steps based on Standard Operating Procedures


Time saved


Saved monthly

Invoice processing

For a logistics company


Customer invoice lines correspond to incoming invoices from different third parties. Correlating incoming and outgoing invoices takes hours every week.


Process invoices coming in over email

Spot mistakes based on previous similar invoices & attached data

Correlate incoming and outgoing invoice lines

Make invoices available for customers through a self-service app

Sort invoices in the right category and put in the right folders

12 hrs

Saved weekly


Saved monthly

Processing traffic fines

For a company handling traffic fines received by truck drivers


Traffic fines are handwritten documents that look different all over the world. Manually processing them, scanning for filing mistakes, and formulating detailed objection letters is a time-consuming task.


Scan traffic fines and extract information

Check fines for filing mistakes

Scan driver’s licence, check validity and extract information

Calculate successful objection rate based on historical data, how often this driver receives fine and possible filing mistakes

Assist in discovering bases for objecting to the fine

Draft an objection letter with all details automatically and let a lawyer adjust it before sending


Time saved


Saved monthly

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Parse emails with invoices, transport orders, CMRs and other updates into your Transport Management System automatically.

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Automatically check shipment documents for possible mistakes and typos based on existing and historical information.

repetitive work

Suggest, prepare and automate actions based on your Standard Operating Procedures.

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We are result-focused experts, committed to delivering top-notch, personalized automation solutions.

Joost Cassee

Entrepreneur with over 25 years of expertise in translating business needs into sophisticated technical solutions

Artem Golovin

Software engineer with over 10 years of experience, adept at swiftly and efficiently integrating diverse systems

Matteo Tafuro

AI engineer specializing in generative neural networks, document recognition, and natural language processing

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